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Then it will just say that I am online and not playing. The best fix that worked was re-installing tf2, which after that, worked for a few hours, then the same problem started up again after crashing.After validating myself, and or, restarting my computer, the game will actually load up with the main menu, but it will crash in a matter of 5 minutes. EDIT 2: After reinstalling a second time, and putting my CFGs in the correct place, still it did not work, it did not even load up once this time.

wondering what steam was doing with non-valve software i did a quick google search and this page poped up. NET framework is corrupt or improperly to Windows Update to get the most recent patch scorp: what Steam game package do you own? You might want to scan your computer for viruses/adware to make sure nothing is interfering with it.

As stated, that was my experience and that's what happened.

Do what you will with [email protected] To Hell I didn't say it is and I'm glad to hear your HDD is running well.

About: GCFScape is an explorer like utility that enables users to browse Half-Life packages and extract their contents.

GCFScape supports .bsp, .gcf, .ncf, .pak, .sga, .vpk, and packages and runs independently of Steam.

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An FOV slider is available within the options which is limited to 75-90°. The actual FOV will be adjusted for other aspect ratios, meaning widescreens gain a higher than configured FOV except in windowed mode.

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