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This is because visudo validates the syntax before putting the new file in place.Without this syntax validation it is very easy to make a mistake in the file after which sudo no longer works (hopefully at that point you have the root password so you can still access root without sudo :) ) The way the script works is when it is run it detects it was run with no parameters, and therefor goes to the "else" part of the code.If you need to edit the sudoers file from a script, you might be tempted to directly edit the file.But like it says at the top of /etc/sudoers - the file must only be edited with the visudo command.If you use cross-references, you often have to run La Te X more than once, if you use Bib Te X for your bibliography or if you want to have a glossary you even need to run external programs in-between.To avoid all this hassle, you should simply use Latexmk!I knew about The problem is the command’s depth-first traversal.I could play various tricks to sort the output once I had it, but for a large directory I want to see the results as they come in.

One day I had a small task to prune a directory tree and I wanted to look at the largest files in it.

On Unix systems, the web process runs under its own userid, typically the "web" or "nobody" user.

Unfortunately this means the server doesn't have permission to create files in your directory.

B) awstats_will then add, if not already present, the following directives to your Apache configuration file (note that the "/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot" path might differ according to your distribution or OS: # # Directives to add to your Apache conf file to allow use of AWStats as a CGI.

# Note that path "/usr/local/awstats/" must reflect your AWStats Installation path.

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