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What of course I did not expect was to be blindsided by a and do you wanna pay £50 for an upgraded model?Browsing on the net for fishing tackle shops I find a Greys GRXi from North East Tackle for £100 so the £50 offer is looking pretty good.I am going to start out and say I should not really have expected anything more.I have always had a bit of a weird relationship with Hardy and their customer service.This is one of the classic cane coarse fishing rods.The Super Wizard ( made as an updated Wizard) is a three piece 11' cane rod with whole cane butt section and split cane centre and tip sections.

Unfortunately I tried it out in Aviemore 2 days later and it snapped in the middle section.

I bought from a dealer and have caught fish up to 6 lbs on it no problems. Chungy100, As luck would have it, I think I know who it was but I'm struggling to remember the name....

I know where they were and the colour of the stand I just cant remember the name.

This superb rod shows no sign of use and is a 7' two piece rod with a rating of #6-7wt.

It s fittd with a wood design reel seat and comes with its original ferrule stopper and rod bag.

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