Dating a cop

What became apparent early on was how similar each of the bios were for each officer.For some reason the officers thought that including information about themselves and their training would be attractive to potential visitors to the site.

Cops don’t really have a strict schedule for being at work.Naturally, when he’s at home, you will see all these things lying around, so it’s important not to get scared if you happen to stumble upon his gun.Also, it’s recommended not to play with the gun and handcuffs on your own, just to avoid any accidents.Their face will not exude an ounce of joy, but this doesn’t mean they’re unhappy — it just means they’re focused.Let’s say you’re a police officer who has successfully put away a criminal at large.

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That all changes when her best friend Mary drags her to a barbecue where she meets James, CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT Kate is a widow with a young daughter. Out of fear of falling for him and losing him to his dangerous job, she stays reserved about settling into a relationship with him. It could have been a great story, but the verbiage felt awkward as well as the characters' actions. A widow meets a cop and at first is nervous since he has a dangerous job and she can not fall in love with someone that can she can lose again.

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