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For me, after a few weeks I settled into a routine and became more comfortable." For Kelli it was a little different.

Homesickness really hit her hard, especially the first semester.

It seems like a tricky tightrope to strike the balance between being true to yourself and letting him lead, if it’s not something that feels good to me. I also had a VERY insecure childhood which left me with a lot of anxiety as an adult, and insecure attachment. I’m just faced with a lot of emotional stress when I try.” A lot of women have a problem with following a man’s lead and often come up with an argument like the last paragraph.

When it comes to dirty talk and getting each other turned on, one of the safest ways to do it is through text messages. Well, for one, you don’t have to come up with something to say right in the heat of the moment.

"It is an adjustment that everyone goes through." Paige said.

"You're thrown into it and need to figure things out pretty quickly.

When we said goodbye he said “talk to you tomorrow”. Isn’t it right to have a flag go up if a guy doesn’t keep his word?

Ruby feels after two months of dating, he should want to move the relationship forward but so far he only sees her once a week with not much communication in between.and earned National Freshman of the Year honors in 2015.Both players have great advice for girls who will soon play college ball and offer insight on the changes that must be made once they reach college.Is it ok to communicate to him somehow that I love hearing from him?It’s always on his terms which makes me feel a little like a puppet. It’s hard because I am a go-getter, a director, an over achiever and I’m wickedly smart.

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