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The fact this pipe dates from this period is also confirmed by a push stem.It illustrates a test period coming first to a Kaywoodie line and followed by the Kaywoodie brand. FOR" stamping would indicate the synchrostem patent was allready granted (1932) when this pipe was crafted. The first Super Grains appeared in late 1931 or early 1932.It doesn't have the KB&B shamrock logo nor any "Kaywoodie" stamping.

Such is one of the beauties of pipe smoking: there's room for everyone, if you can find your niche.

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Collector's Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes Cornell & Diehl My Lady Nicotine by J. Barrie My Pipes Community Online Tobacco Cellar Pfeifenbox PIMO Pipe Craft The Pipe Tobacco Aging, Storage and Cellaring FAQPipedia Pipe Shape Charts Tobacco When I posted about the last Bertram stummel, I kept thinking I had a third one somewhere, and I found it.

After that the logo was moved to the side of the stem (exceptions exist).

The code: see comments about "President" pipe This pipe is marked with "Drinkless" on the shank, on the stem and on the stinger.

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