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Don’t obsess over that weird nerve-induced thing you blurted out (e.g. Sloooow down there, buddy – no matter how into this person you are, don’t go changing your Facebook relationship status just yet! Forget ‘fashionably late’ – arrive five-minutes early, do a recon and get the good seats. Your date doesn’t want to grow old waiting for you to show up. Even if you’re feeling first-date nerves, don't be anyone other than… The videos were all developed by legitimate educational production companies, like Mc Graw Hill Text-Films and Coronet Instructional Films starting in the ’40s, tackling the topics of dating, love, and marriage by way of personality, grooming, and controlling your emotions. The girl tells the minister that they’re right for each other because in all the three months they’ve been together, they haven’t had any quarrels.

While mental hygiene films preached clean thinking, good grooming, lawfulness, togetherness, sobriety and safety, teenage boys wanted nothing more than to be sloppy, reckless, sullen, high, dirty-minded, independent delinquents.

In this Patreon-sponsored video, Linkara riffs on a short less about giving advice on dating and more about hitting the reset button over and over.

If you’re unable to watch the Screenwave video, you can check it out on youtube HERE.

There was a perception at the time that teens during the war had enjoyed too much personal freedom, and they were now becoming rebellious about not wanting to conform and be the kinds of citizens that their parents had wanted them to be — every generation since then has gone through this same scenario, in fact, but the late 40s may have been the first generation to have been so vocal about it — and everyone in a position of authority was afraid they were going to have a major problem on their hands.

Films like were the cutting edge of social coercion in their day.

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