Blogger reading list not updating

Some Blogger blog owners and readers can spend days setting up their Reading List complement - and see their work vanish, in seconds.

One of the reasons why this problem has not been solved is that it is not reported in consistently high volume, and has no obvious pattern.

The cookie / script filtering issue is similar to another long standing problem - Blogger Comments, particularly using the Embedded comment form.

Third party cookies, which carry the identity of the person logged in to Blogger, being filtered and unavailable to the Reading List generation code, lead to the empty Reading List display.

At least some of the reports of "My Reading List has disappeared!

" involve three long known problems - each problem caused, in part, by the Blogger account owners who use the Reading List.

You can either see all the items saved on your Reading List or just tap on “Show Unread” from the bottom to see only those which you have yet to read. Although it's not clear whether the offline copy is wiped off in the process but if you do intend to completely clear things, you should try clear cache from Settings → Safari.My theory (not original) is that “leaders read and readers lead.” By the way, these are all stored in a Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar in a subfolder called “Daily.” When I am ready to plow through my daily reading, I click on the list and select “Open in Tabs.” Each URL is then opened in a separate tab. If an article looks like it will take longer, I save it in Evernote in a notebook called, “Read Later.” When I finish my web list, I go to my list of RSS feeds.I spend no more than 30 minutes on this reading list. I am currently using Reeder, which syncs with Google reader. I can access it any where: on my Mac or my i Phone. When I was looking at storage usage I saw that safari has 200mb for offline ... I read here it is possible to sync the reading list with Windows OS, too. Safari has a built in feature called reading list, for a few years I used it as an alternative to bookmarks for articles.

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