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Unfortunately, most of us have been given conditional love, which has very negative effects on our well-being and that of people around us.

Conditional (or imitation) love implicitly says to people that they will only be accepted if they behave, look and possess certain mental abilities/qualities.

Real love is defined as “caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves”.

When we offer real love to someone, we are not angry or disappointed if the person does not reciprocate or is inconvenient.

You will receive great benefits from learning about Real Love.

It’s a MUST for parents who are trying to match their child, for young adults who are in the matching process, newly wed couples, and people anywhere in between.

This show is for anyone who wants to have a loving intimate relationship and a great sex life.

Real love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get.

• Everyone can be more unconditionally loving and be so a higher percentage of the time.

• People are generally innocent and the Universe is a friendly place. ” – Nancy “A really awesome group of people “ – Stacey “Absolutely an amazing group of people.” – Kathleen “Great meeting for learning and growing!

Can couples have an unconditionally loving marriage? Greg Baer explores this topic in his book Real Love in Marriage, which is the sequel to his first book Real Love.

I will highlight some of the practical advice found in this paperback that can help us have a happy union.

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Baer summarizes basic principles found in Real Love in the first two chapters of his second book.

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