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"[The show] takes place in the South, but then it's an issue with somebody in the public eye.A lot of people are OK with their brother or their uncle or their best friend being gay, but they don't really want their country star to be gay." For the character of Kevin, being thrown together with Will to write songs for a new album forces both men to confront their feelings about their respective career paths and the choices they made in pursuit of their dreams.

But this is his biggest opportunity yet, and it provided the perfect chance to sit the guy down and talk at length about his craft. Kyle Dean Massey: This was a little different because you have to learn all the circus stuff, which was a different challenge. The music holds up as young and current for Broadway music. I was blown away with this production—the way they’ve reimagined it was smart, and for me it made the show make sense. As for your own trajectory, are you happy with your career? The fact that I get to work on Broadway and have been for many years is more than I ever dreamed. “My knuckles are swollen,” he told me, but it’s not from shaking hands.

And I'm interested in moving toward that direction, away from those boyish roles."Massey arrived in Korea in early February and rehearsed with the current cast who were already playing in other Korean cities before its Seoul run started on March 8.

"I rehearsed for a week in Gyeongju, a week in Gwangju and about a week and half here in Seoul,” he said, mentioning three and a half week is a luxurious amount.

Taylor documented the intimate event on his Instagram Stories and Snapchat pages.

The actors are both veterans of the Broadway stage.

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