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Before you can create a phone, you need to create a Base Settings configuration for that phone model.

The Base Settings configuration contains a group of settings that define how a particular phone model is to operate in Pure Cloud.

But when trying to update the firmware for a few phones there is a new process which was introduced with the 4.0 release of UCS.

This process allows the device to be manually pointed to a Polycom hosted web server distribution point on the Internet to download and install new firmware packages from.

The TOS field is in the IP header of every RTP packet.

The range of values available is 00 (0,000000) through 3F (63, 111111).

Once you create a Base Settings configuration, you can assign it to a phone with the default settings, or you can customize the settings.

This document will guide you through the troubleshooting steps which should resolve most issues with Polycom or Snom phones which have failed to be provisioned successfully using the Phone Setup process.Phone reports ' Could not contact boot server'.3.Phone reports ' Error loading CFG' and gets in constant boot cycle4. This is a very in depth guide to troubleshooting provisioning a Polycom phone with your Switchvox.This only applies to devices which are already running at least version 4.0.0 of the UCS firmware.In previous versions (Polycom SIP software 3.x or earlier) this manual process was not available.

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Use the drop-down to choose the Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) value of Quality of Service (Qo S) for RTP packets.

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