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It started out as what could be called a weakness, but after he was diagnosed and started treatment, he said there was a huge difference. Julianne Hough, who has judged three seasons of "Dancing With the Stars," won't be returning to the show for season 22, which premieres March 21."Burlesque" tells the story of a small-town girl named Ali (Aguilera) who moves to Hollywood and becomes famous for dancing in a nightclub owned by the glamorous Tess (Cher).Hough plays Georgia, one of the club's dancers, who befriends Ali.Whitney is on a global tour since becoming the first full figured gal to win America's Next Top Model.We wonder whats next for Whitney, Will she be the next run way diva extraordinaire in Paris or Milan.

Hough, 22, has already earned a fair share of celebrity in recent years, owing to her winning ways on "Dancing," which for years has been among the highest rated shows on U. But the high profile of "Burlesque," which stars Academy Award winner Cher and pop star Christina Aguilera, could vault Hough to global stardom.performer, 21, held hands and snuggled together on a couch after their steamy kiss.Ryan and Julianne also grabbed dinner with pals Ben Silverman and Jennifer Cuoco at a seafood restaurant before spending the evening on a yacht together.While at first thought, it might seem easy for a professional dancer to step into a movie role as a dancer, Hough said it wasn't all that simple."On 'Dancing with the Stars,' you learn the dance, you dance the dance on TV, and then you're done," she told Reuters.

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